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who we are

Why Should You Task Our Car Service?

There are two things in a manĀ“s life that are really a matter of trust. Firstly whom to leave the beloved wife to take care of her for an entire evening. And secondly the purchase of a luxury car. Especially the selection and first inspection of used luxury cars requires a critical eye for details, a wide range of technical know-how and of course negotiating skill. Since 2003 we are a very successful service company for potential buyers of high-priced vehicles. So you can rely on our long-term experience, because we don't just search and deliver cars, we also convey passion. If you make use of our service, your dream car is just one step away. Check it out and GET IN TOUCH WITH US RIGHT NOW.

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our core competency

  • You wanna sell your Classic Car or Luxury Car?

    No problem. We just need some car specifications and several meaningful photos. Of course absolute precondition is your car being in top shape for our customers are very demanding. On request we´ll inform you with pleasure about the costs for compilation into our data base and our recruitment fee in case of sales success. Any questions?

  • You want us to search for your Dream Car?

    You are keen on a particular vehicle? All right. Just tell us the vehicle specifications and your budget. Then search starts immediately. Throughout Europe or worldwide, if necessary. Of course all car specifications, search options and payment terms will be contractually governed beforehand. Any questions?

  • Our special service: the purchase formalities

    In case of your decision to purchase a particular car, we take care of all modalities and send you the sales contract for signature. Then you transfer the agreed purchase sum and our success fee to a notarial escrow account, where it remains until delivery has occurred and all documentes are checked. Any questions?

  • Your dream car - delivered right to your door

    After the notary´s confirmation regarding the cash receipt a timely delivery date will be arranged. Then your new car will be loaded on a car trailer and delivered to an address of your choice. After delivery and examination of all documents the notary will be instructed to pay the purchase sum to the seller and the success fee to us. Any questions?

A view principal words


There are many cars to get you from A to B without problems. But there are also a few cars constructed to make the driver happy. Status symbols. Street Gods. And probably most humans in the civilized world dreamed at least once to own such a vehicle. But for well known reasons only a very few people have the opportunity to fulfill their dream. And maybe you´re one of them. In this case you should conduct a conversation with us. Make a call or use our contact form. Totally non-committal. You will quickly realise, that with our assistance your dream car is close at hand. Our promise: We get it - with competence and passion. And you will be more than happy with the results.

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